If you don’t know where the value is, then you can search in a folder or a disk. New field “language” in ArtMoney tables. Now emulator pointers display correctly in address editing window. Now you can use emulator pointers when you work with emulators. Fixed bug when converts PC addresses to emulator adresses in the table. Fixed bug when emulator options does not save in table file for bit emulators. It is much easier and faster now.

artmoney 7.37 pro

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artmoney 7.37 pro

Updated emulator options for “Kega Fusion” emulator. What do you need to know about free software?

artmoney 7.37 pro

It is composed of variables that can have different types. We improved a search for exact value, for pointers, for a sequence of values, for structures and in a range of values. Now “Hide my process” and “Use own functions to access memory” options work.

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New “Keep the process in memory” command. Fixed bug in the Search for Pointer to the Beginning of the memory block command on Windows x You can download and install it from our website www. Fixed bug with detection of process type.


Fixed bug with loading of AMT table for emulators if the table was created in bit mode. Shared module is yellow line. Fixed bug when the program skipped some addresses for some bits processes on Windows x Fixed bug ;ro the Search with “Scan only static addresses” option on bit process.

By that you will decrease total time of a search. Sometimes the program crashed during formula filter running.

ArtMoney – Versions

Fixed bug when reverse null-terminated string has zero size empty string. The program finds a hex address based on the input parameters you set and prints these addresses with their corresponding rpo.

Search for Pointer-To-Pointer will be in next version. You can select regions: For example, chinese language on an english Windows. All manuals are converted into CHM format.

ArtMoney 7.37

The program works with addresses inside loaded module of selected process. Fixed bug when sometimes you edit value and hotkeys Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V are not working.

artmoney 7.37 pro

Now ArtMoney uses multi-core processors or multiprocessor systems to provide the best possible performance of the memory scanning.

Safety rating in the left lower corner. You can edit a group, a type, a value and can add an offset to each address. Unicode language plugin will normally display in any Windows even if language did not install.


Support emulator pointers with reverse bytes order.

Advanced Uninstaller PRO

Fixed bug artmonwy you use an emulator options with pointers. Now a formula can contain “A set of arguments” What is new in 7. In next time the start address is then ArtMoney will calculate the final money address A This way the user can lose health, money or armor, but he can not die.

It is much easier and faster now. All the .737 installed on your computer will be made available to you 6. A new process will be selected as object automatically. Fixed bug when address of pointer displays incorrectly in ArtMoney table.