The “Call” of Asheron’s Call refers to the urge followed by people on several different “home worlds” to enter portals to Auberean, created by the Empyrean mage, Asheron Realaidain. The Microsoft-to-Turbine transition was completed in spring In addition, there were certain quests that could be completed to strengthen each Kingdom’s fort which had to be defended against predation by members of the opposing kingdom. Player vs player combat in AC2 was always consensual, and was not considered necessary for advancement of your character. Isparians were humans from Ispar, one of the first races to answer Asheron’s Call. MightyUnclean Member Epic Posts: Is there still an active player base?

asherons call 2 beta

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Characters gained XP in a bera variety of ways: This led developers to come up with a KvK Kingdom Vs. AC2 doesn’t hand you anything, so you really have to read quests and know how to travel around. Asheron’s Call 2 took place following a major cataclysmic event on the planet, resulting in massive changes to the topography of one continent on the planet Dereth.

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These skills were unlocked in a strict hierarchy; players were not able to pick and choose which kingdom skills they could train. MightyUnclean Brta Epic Posts: Quest rewards also ran the gamut: The following chart shows the classes available to each race.


asherons call 2 beta

There are currently no plans to release wsherons source code. Most quests but not all could be repeated for multiple rewards after the passage of time. For Darktide, the “conflict server”, PvP combat was possible in all regions of the world, and was not limited to conflict between different kingdoms.

I know its been back for a while, but I wanted to refresh peoples minds that they can go play it if they have an Beeta subscription.

asherons call 2 beta

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In addition to these three warring factions, there were other, older and perhaps more powerful forces also fighting for control of Auberean’s fate.

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Retrieved 13 November This concept, however, was prone to exploits as many portals passed through these PvP assigned areas thus exposing players to ganking. It is a sequel to ‘s Asheron’s Callalthough content, graphics and gameplay dynamics differed greatly from its predecessor. Init was relaunched as a beta for active Asheron’s Call subscribers. AC2 also had an extensive crafting system that operated almost completely independently of the level-based advancement system.

Is there still an active player base? The three warring factions that brought about the original cataclysm were still present, and still fighting for power. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

In general terms, character classes were considered “damage dealers”, “tanks”, or “healers”.

Asheron’s Call, Asheron’s Call 2 both set to close next month after 17 years

This article needs additional citations for verification. On Metacriticthe game received an average score of 82 out ofbased on 22 reviews.


Kingdom system where players can instead chose to join one of three “kingdoms” Order, Shadow, and Dominion and could then participate in player-vs-player conflict, and gain access to some quest content that was centered on competition between the kingdoms — broadly referred to as “kingdom-vs-kingdom” content.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. There was significant variety in the quests offered in AC2: Rise of the Fallen.

The level cap for Heroes of Dereth was Retrieved 20 December Aggregate scores Aggregator Score GameRankings. Levels were gained by completing activities that gave your character “experience points”, or “XP”. On December 20,it was announced that the game would close on January 31, For most servers, regions of the landscape were identified as “peaceful” or “conflict” zones, and PvP fighting was only allowed in conflict zones between members of opposing kingdoms.

Player vs player combat in AC2 was always consensual, and was not considered necessary for advancement of your character.