Tyga got mad asf. Yeah, I started to think Tyga was the fake one and Drake and Nicki are the real. Damn pimp, i havnt seen u in a while on here lol. I got on spotify thanks tho bro. Get back on this real music!!

august alsina ft lil wayne kissing on my tattoos mp3

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What u have planned for vday with ya guh? And Jesus Christ walked on my balcony. Mane wayne got a lot of flows. Naw she sent me the same thing on my snapchat bruh. Ur fukin stupid kidnobody will ever have a flow like biggie facts. Then which side is the little black dot on her booty cheek at.

august alsina ft lil wayne kissing on my tattoos mp3

We will get FWA today. Yea I was saying that, he had me thinking he rapped the whole song, its just a remix.

I stand up ft weezy. I like his slower flow more than his loud high pitch nowadays.


August alsina ft lil wayne kissin on my tattoos download

He is very ravishing, and his swag puts him above all. How you gon have a cypher without him? Yeah fireman is classic Weezy. Is fwa dropping today. Augjst like Wayne not a real gangsta. Go jump in a lake. Download Lil Wayne’s Latest Tape.

John vs rich as fuck?


Mine too along with 6ix man. I pooped my pants. Wish there was more weezy.

august alsina ft lil wayne kissing on my tattoos mp3

Ayeeeee Wayne killed this hoe bt iaint trtna listening to no august. You need to quit. Created by Daniel Mousdell Powered by WordPress. I used my cocaine money to fly all the lil wayne hq fam to Australia…. Dat bitch on spotify too thanks bro. Dude adopt a dog or something.

August Alsina – Kissin’ On My Tattoos (Remix) (Feat Lil Wayne)

Really, I say 6foot 7foot. His only weakness is making hooks. Have to fly to new york by 8pm eastern time to meet up with him. Just ignore this clown lol. You seem too concerned with age. They talk about mines.


I thought that was for breezy at first. Subscribe Now Enter your e-mail address above to get Lil Wayne updates sent to you via kisssing. This reminds me of something similar sounding to the D4 material.

august alsina ft lil wayne kissing on my tattoos mp3

Drake and Nicki get all the attention but Tyga is known to the public to he has a pretty big fanbase.