I’m in the process of reinstalling in english, to check If I get the same error or not. I’d skip this, even the content I didn’t find of decent quality. Varshoon – I don’t know. Check my sig for the download link. Deirex now talks to you after you come back to his house. Without this feature installation of many components will fail you will get the parse error. Give Viconia her BG2 portrait:

baldurdash weidu v1.68

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Tortured Soul – I’d skip it. Paladins of Faerun V16.8 v4 Levered Machine Gun is restored. Due to it being custom content it won’t be included in any of the patches. Several functions may not work. Jaheira’s harper plot wherein Meronia appears is broken again. See your downloaded mod archive for the changelog.

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Please talk to him. Nickless II’s evil instincts kept him going longer than most. Really, if you haven’t played it – you’re missing alot.


baldurdash weidu v1.68

A vampire in the Mind Flayers’ dungeon in the Underdark. Gib Baldurxash ihr BG2 Portrait.: It’s also available in mp3 format kbps for in-game use. Lure of Sirene’s call – very small, but doesn’t break anything. No, create an account now.

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Does anyone know whyere to get these mods. I downloaded and tried to install the new version and got an error, so I re-installed the old version and uninstalled successfully.

Could anyone else post or PM the file?

baldurdash weidu v1.68

You can now resign from doing the job for Alibakkars or Lurraxols and pick the other family. Almateria’s Restoration Project File Submitter: I’ll try him out one of these days.

Missing Mods

Intanto originali ce li abbiamo. All “Friendship” mods – install Sarevok Romance – nice, but suffers from same issues as Angelo – he wanted you dead, and now you romance him?

Most of them don’t have any real role, but serve as flavor. Anyhow, I went through BWS and these are my reccomendations on what to install and not to install. Nerfed the boots of lightning speed even more.


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The following content for Arcanum was created by Drog Black Tooth. Alternate Slayer change Originally, the Slayer change was supposed to drain the party of their vital forces and cause horror in everyone witnessing it, until the player masters the Slayer in the Ancient Grove.

Tashia – old, but still an ok mod. The patch should be installed after the official 1. Fornick, Frennedan – skip Ganesh – didn’t play him yet. Fixed animations for solars and elementals: We’re less strict than other forums, but please refer to the rules. Contact us about this article. That means, if you select this option the install.

Thank goodness, nowadays it seems to have finally stopped haunting us. Lena – never played.