So that’s what I exepcted, sex scene after sex scene. For the first time they saw each other with all their insecurities and flaws and they embraced the truth, they cherished it, they accepted their feelings, they trusted in their love… They just loved. To ask other readers questions about Captive Prince , please sign up. Since its original posting, Captive Prince has enjoyed a steadily growing readership as word of mouth spreads through fandom. For example, imagine how exciting it would’ve been if Lord of the Rings Strider di reread I feared that me would possibly be less impressed with this series the second time around. Pacat excels the quality of writing in the romance genre.

captive prince freece

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He was the best man I have ever known. Enemies to friend or even lovers. For anyone interested, I found a truly incredible fan art site dedicated to the Captive Prince trilogy, so if you’re a fan, do check it out.

Original Slash Fiction – Captive Prince – myreclist — LiveJournal

It went both ways with freeec two. I do have to admit that these books continue to frustrate the shit out of my ‘romance’ heart, as getting moments of affection from Laurent are equivalent to searching for an ocean in the middle of a desert.

The Story Set in a historical AU that bears likenesses particularly to the historical cultures of Greece and France, I expected to read a chintzy slavefic possibly analogous to the bodice rippers of which I was acquainted.


Volume Two Captive Prince 2 by C.

Captive Prince Quotes by C.S. Pacat

Jun 18, K. View all 10 comments. Bring on vol 3, I need to know how the story ends. Considering how much I love this book I might even captiive some uncontrolled flailing to the list. What can I say Captive Prince is two stories, really. For example, imagine how exciting it would’ve been if Lord of the Rings Strider did not go home to an Arwen?

captive prince freece

The story centers around the relationship between Damen of Akielos and Laurent of Vere and captige machinations for the thrones of their respective kingdoms.

So many theories are running through my head. I was so thrilled and wanted to finish this to see what happens because there were all kinds of possibilities. He was always fighting his real thoughts and feelings for Laurent, always told himself that Laurent is his enemy, his captor. Yet he was not predictable, because in this, as with everything he did, there were layers of intent, moments when expected patterns would suddenly dissolve into something else.

Sometimes the dialogue didn’t even make sense. This is how I always imagined Laurent in my mind. He was shaken by the force of all he wanted, and he closed his eyes against it.

captive prince freece

That’s all I’m trying to say! And the best part?


These books are simply just too awesome! Laurent and Damen just spend a lot of time staring broodily at one another. Those of you who are familiar with this trilogy, know the poor thing hadn’t had much till now.

Captive Prince by CS Pacat

Everything that I enjoyed in Captive Prince was magnified in Prince’s Gambitplus the character development was everything I wanted and more. Behind “Captive Prince,” S.

captive prince freece

vreece PLUS, this series has an obscene amount of positive reviews Shall I go on??? Around them, the table was a coloured wall of voices and laughter, courtiers caught up in their own amusements, paying them no attention. Her first series the Captive Prince trilogy began its life as an original web serial. Share a book with your friends and it will be the best experience ever.

And it is just so brilliantly written.

Stirring drowsily, Laurent shifted a fraction closer and made a soft, unthinking sound of pleasure that Damen was going to remember for the rest of his life. And he did not need gilt to be recognised under a parade standard, only the uncovered bright of his hair.