It isn’t in the PLi feed. If you did it is installed. Thank you for your help. CCcam Cam info Edited by ims, 14 February – Please log in to reply. Please enable Javascript in your browser! This installation was successfull, all encrypted services are visible.

cccam 2.3.0 dm800

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Offcourse it is in the PLi feed. If you did it is installed.

How Do I install cccam and c line with Dreambox control center ?

This work will commence at Did you install it through the method suggested above, in the plugin menu? So updating to latest image is a wise thing to do or not if your box is a clone!

Thank you for your help. The list command still shows all the available Ccxam versions. If he uses an up-to-date version of OpenPLi so version 4 since the feed from all older versions are down now.


cccam 2.3.0 dm800

I do not provide support via PM! Your command is to use for downloading from the feed. Or using a non-official one.

My problem was, I don’t know about the special script for CCcam. Please read our Wiki Information for translators Sat: The image version is 2.

cccam 2.3.0 dm800

Posted 15 April – On the PLi softcam feed there is no such ipk package to find. Or not using OpenPLi at all. Now all problems are gone. Its not in the feed if you use openpli 2. What is the name of the CCcam package?

How Do I install cccam and c line with Dreambox control center ? | Techkings

I can’t find it by “opkg list grep cccam”. Wanna help with OpenPLi Translation? CCcam is available now – in telnet, too. Posted 2 December – I think my PLi installation was damaged.

Cccam – [EN] Enduser support – Forums

There is no cccam available. In both cases, I am not in favor of posting files from our feed online. If you think that my answer helps you, you can press the up arrow in bottom right of the answer.


Then you need to activate it in the settings, in the CAM settings menu. The command ipkg list grep CCcam delivers cccaminfo only.

cccam 2.3.0 dm800

ccam It isn’t in the PLi feed. An easy way to test if it is running is to point your webbrowser to: Our web- and download servers will be unavailable during this window. Posted 14 February – This website requires Javascript to function properly.

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