I can say I have good knowledge of the compilation proces and what’s going on in the kernel. Standard it isn’t enabled. Greetings Psycho Game, and have a nice weekend everybody. I already converted the complete galaxy y to EXT4 file system, incl. The completely changed initramfs can be found on my github over here: At the moment I hope everyone together including myself will look into implementing MTD into out device. Reboot the ClockWorkMod Recovery and in the backup and restore menu click on “advanced restore” and choose you’re nandroid backup.

cm7 lib galaxy y

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How to Play HD Games GTA 3,Temple Run on Galaxy Y

C,7 you all people Brave was just impossible. Cyanogen roms doesnt need this as they have the same lib files which we are going to replace by!

Here you should change as an c,7 system. I’m investing a great deal of time in this project to make this a very stable product.


So in short it contains 2 recovery’s in one image. An awesome game by the Game Maestros, the Gameloft!!

Pages – Menu Beranda. Cm7 Fix galaxy y.

cm7 lib galaxy y

Copy the modules supplied in Version14Modules. The only thing still not working is the Android Debugging Bridge in the recovery self.

[Q] cm7 egl lib on galaxy y ……

Question to other developers: Galaxy Gamer Zone does not publish paid applications. Along with that are the bugs! Standard it isn’t enabled.

USB mounting now works as it should work.

Cm7 Fix galaxy y – Galaxy Y World

Download and extract “cm7 libs by yusepz” to the root of sdcard 5. Greetings Psycho Game, and have a nice weekend everybody. CM7 Without bug galaxy y.

cm7 lib galaxy y

If we replace the Stock lib files with those of Cyanogen you might be able to play a lot of new games! Jellybread V4 Galaxy y. Works on all roms including stock rom!

cm7 lib galaxy y

And one thing more, setting CPU frequency to 1. Help me give me solution Now extract the lib files by Yusepz! I don’t know how to describe it, but will look into this problem very soon. I didn’t test it yet on a working installation, talaxy I’m pretty sure this should work in there also.


Chainfire 3D – Pro Version from here extract the zip file and install cf3d,cf3d pro and install plugins. Accept user license agreement.


The completely changed initramfs can be found on my github over here: Very similar to your old loving GTA series games! Open up GTA 3 Still has the white screen pib in the preview of what you’re taking a picture of. Yes already an update. Sometimes there appear to be some glitches.

It will just run smoothly with other known bugs!