Night echoes like laughter and mocks the clattering wheels. Knife in the heart of Lamberg, on Latour’s neck Rope, and after them more will come maybe, You are turning powerful at last, oh People! Sleep, Romeo, Juliet, on your headrest of stone feathers. Welcome to European Tribune. On the left, a bloody evening is burning, On the right, dark fires are smoking. This lasted many years.

don vasyl a kiedy przyjdzie noc

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Or haven’t you yet learned, oh World, To hate the king as befits him? I believed that you would also be a messenger between me and some good people even if they were few, twenty, ten or not born, as yet.

It does have a Polish minority, but they are migrants from the surrounding rural areas where local Poles were given the choice of staying or going to Poland like rural areas in Western Belarus and unlike rural areas in Western Ukraine.

One whose delusions are out of fashion. Here is another Bulgarian poem, but in the mood of the coming holiday.

Chords for Don Vasyl JA JUZ WYGRALEM by Grace Gordon

So, just to confirm, between the wars, English maps used “Lwow”? It establishes the universal ideas in language, And guides our hand so we write Truth and Justice With capital letters, lie and oppression with small. So tonight and tomorrow I’ll post a couple poems somehow related to recent Eurotrib debates Polish first for Agnesa and Chis, then the English translation. Only adult toil, the furrow of fate in the palm.


don vasyl a kiedy przyjdzie noc

Faithful mother tongue, perhaps after all it’s I who must try to save you. Et toi, corbeau, maudit oiseau, Sur quel tombeau croasses-tu?

So I will continue to set before you little bowls of colors bright and pure if possible for odn is needed in misfortune is a little order and beauty.

I was not able to find an appropriate word even for the title. Near Sofia town A ghastly gallows I have seen standing, And your own son, Bulgaria, There with dreadful force is hanging.

Spis piosenek 2015

I’ve always liked the timber of her voice, even in Italian. Welcome to European Tribune. For you are a tongue of the debased, of the unreasonable, hating themselves even more than they hate other nations, a tongue of informers, a tongue of the confused, ill with their own innocence.

Churchill by Agnes a Paris on Thu Feb 9th, at Regarding ‘Ofen’, some fun facts: And my humble translation. That is what remains of the great love of native cities.

[PDF] Spis piosenek – Free Download PDF

He fought for the liberation from Ottoman yoke and payed with his life. Frozen forsythia yellowed by the window. Pourquoi pleurer si tristement? Awakened in the night I hear just like that, silence crashes into silence.


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The poem was written kieey December Ofen became the German name of Budathe right-bank royal town. Only toil, Nothing more. In the white noon among the rubble, let the snake warm itself on leaves of coltsfoot and in the silence let him coil in lustrous circles around useless gold.

Getting rid of Boris I know, ah I know, you weep, my Mother, Because you’re a slave in bondage lying, You weep because your sacred voice Is a helpless voice in a desert crying. Nie skacz w biegu. The raven gives its grim hoarse croak, Dogs yelp, wolves howl, the sky is bleak, Old men in prayers their God invoke, Women shed tears, the children shriek.

don vasyl a kiedy przyjdzie noc

Don’t jump pezyjdzie it’s still moving. Friendship and mercy to everyone, Except the kings, to them, never!

Return in thought to the concert where music flared. Remember the moments when we were together in a white room and the curtain fluttered.