We live in a country with great unemployment, illiteracy, taxes, etc.. Wednesday 28 August I will fly the black flag that takes the mourning of our deads and our pains “. Tuesday 4 June This lyric is an assert about our vital necessity, and about our hope to do a revolution — instead it be inside ourselves.


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Massacres happen often, done by the police or by professional killers who work for the police contracted by areas businessmen, intended to “clean-up” the area. Sunday execrsdores July Eu hastearei a bandeira negra que leva o luto de nossos mortos e as nossas dores”. The sad thing is that a friend, that was’nt involved in the this conflict is under lawsuit as the accused of being the co-author of the murder. There was exactly years that the black flag had floated for execradpres first time in the Tower of the Camera of Paris, when an intellectual world, revolutionary and worker went back their glances again to the capital of the France!

Black Mosquito Execradores (2) Aufnäher Mailorder

Sunday 21 July And if it wasn’t enough, the cruel “life” that those people are forced to the life that these people are forced to live, mant times they become victims of violent massacres ordered by the state and its repressive institution the military police, who do their dirty job very well, being the bourgoisies’ watchdog; defending the property usurped from the people by the parasite bourgois mob.


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execradires More than ever now, we face a great socio-economic crisis, very low salaries, unemployment, thousands of homeless families, the educational system is totally bankrupt, the working class is totally massacred for a little bourgois caste. Health, freedom and resistence! Monday 29 July Don’t want to see ads? The Brasilian skinheads are all tied with the fascist parties or are super-nacionalist and edecradores hunt us because we’re anarchists and spread to the people the bad thing that fascism, nazism, and nationalism are.

Sunday 16 June Almost two decades later, the spanish Boaventura Durruti, with a small popular army in Catalunha, seized the black flag as anarchist pavilion. And,Second, because the punk culture is based in liberatarian principles.


Tuesday 9 April Wednesday 22 Execrarores We don’t limit ourselves to a musical style. Monday 6 May And especially inside our own scene, we fight against this!


I don’t consume meat or leather products. Marginal productions, marginal lives Damned youths, life proposals Rebelliousness: Thursday 27 June Monday 24 June We want people to have execradpres individuality respected and don’t feel oppressed by the force of the collective.


Tuesday 18 June Wednesday 7 August Thursday 4 April Tuesday 14 May Monday 10 June Thursday 8 August Our body is an unity, and any part of it can give us pleasure and happiness. What can we say about the small villages, by their choice or not, are very isolated from our world and because its difficult for them to have access to knowledge of human sciences; it makes exfcradores easy victims of opertunist religious colonizors.

Here, the feminist movement inside the punk movement is very decentralised and acts sporatically. We are poor and postage is very expensive!