Do you know the mistake? Grub4dos Internal variables, memory areas, advanced features and function calls. On Wed, 16 Mar I’m forwarding the newsiest fbinst and grldr here. I understand that fbinst is not being developed anymore, but hopefully plop bootmanager is. Updated 1 June with Win8 Release Preview menu.

fbinst 1.6

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Next, copy fbist and your menu. They are working fine, but OpenSuse after it starts says: Using fbinst together with the GUI fbinstTool I formated them again, this time as –zip and with the chs option. They were able to make it ‘work on an Ubuntu’ http: Posted 30 June – Installation from USB stick?

Can be used at startup for notebooks that always have NumLock on when booted.

But installing just did not work out. On Tue, 22 Mar Several functions may not work. What I have found so far is that the usb stick uses a ralink driver rt I have read that I may need to compile the driver on my system but I am not sure how.


Posted 21 June fbinsst Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. A 1.66 subset of the total parameters available! Advanced Format 4K sector hard disks.

Fbinst – Universal Bootable USB Flash Drive tool

Community Forum Software by IP. The problem is that this menu http: No problem with Kon-Boot! It still comes up as fd0. An error occured while accessing CDRom. With Bug fix for Bootsect. Now with the plopboot. Puppy Linux Discussion Forum:: Bean has repeated several times in the answers that both fbinst and fbisnt new grldr can be downloaded from the top message, but no matter how many times I checked, I didn’t see any attachment for download.

fbinst 1.6

Anyway, try the following urls: Previously I had to fbnst the plopboot from CDrom, a bit of a hassle because those older systems sometimes won’t read CD’s anymore. Can create ext3 and ext4 files as well as ext2. Just copy over your files and boot – no special utility required, no linux cheat codes, no special knowledge.


fbinst 1.6

Getting started with the Raspberry Pi RPi. Utility to completely erase your hard drive without needing to boot from any other media no need for a CD or USB drive – See Tutorial So a dead end there so far unless you know something I don’t.

Latest RMPrepUSB versions + downloads – RMPrepUSB

A post by Mark Cross in techtalk. Drag and drop the iso file onto the IsoSplit.

I also failed to get it to work with the USB stick I had as gbinst trying to load gparted, the downloaded ISO is a different version to the one listed and when I tried “cheating” by renaming files it still did not work. My machine can boot from a usb stick.