Right now with the regular MSCB, you have to scroll through and select them individually. There is also the additional complexity of the columnWidthMode attribute on each column that makes this further nuanced. A 3D Pyramid component: One of the biggest advantages of this is that you can easily go into the skin and put a scroller around the chart area, while keeping the vertical axis out of the scroller, there by locking it in place. But in this case, the requierment of a selectedKeyField – that it needs to be globally unique across all children AND parents is not being met.


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For grids that do not draw jagged cells, it uses a single sprite to draw the border and background for all cells. The widths work very differently when horizontal scrollbar exists vs not [You set this via the horizontalScrollPolicy on the grid]. Key Points to notice are: Added support flexiciious apache flex 4. Column Width Modes are an very nuanced topic, as you can observe from this flexicilus Readers of our blog know that the past few weeks have seen tremendous development activity on the product.

The great thing about this is that it draws in an elliptical manner, so unlike our old TinyChart, it can fit in an area that is not necessarily square, which makes it usable in may more places. We recently completed an intense multi week consulting engagement where one of flecicious largest customers invited us to help them improve performance of their application, one fkexicious had our Flexicious Ultimate DataGrid as the core of their product.

In conclusion, Performance is one of those things that are so unique to each situation. Fix for textColor – I want my text color in my renderer to stay the color black but it still goes grey even when I set the disabledColor property on the column.


The new sample code, SimpleGrid. A single copy may be made for backup purposes only. We will continue to invest and improve on them – but we ask your help. It involves careful analysis of what efforts will get you the most bang for your buck, it involves discussions with stakeholders as to what features are absolutely critical vs. This allows for multiple pages of data that comes down from the server and not maintained in memory to still keep track of the ids that were selected on other pages.

The second pass is our code, which basically adds support for things that are covered using our columnWidthMode. Warrants and Representations The Vendor warrants and represents that it is the copyright holder of the Software. However, since a number of you asked for this, we added support for images as well.

To access the selected keys at a lower level, you may navigate to that level using grid.

Introducing Flexicious Ultimate!

Currently if you flexiicous to modify the axes, or change the layout of your charts you have to jump through numerous hoops and some requirements are flat out impossible. Added support for enableFTERenderer. Employee Id Column – filterOperation – This the the operation used to compare the flsxicious in the filter text box against the value of each item in the grid to see if it matches the filter criteria filterControl – This is the actual control used to filter.


It merely flips the horizontal scroll policy lfexicious on or off on basis of the width of the grid in comparison to the scrollBarWidthThreshold. When we upgraded to the newest Flexicious, we no longer had the ability to persist the numeric filters when grouping preferences are set. Basically, Ultimate always had a flexcious, that it could only render header cells and column group cells of equal height.


It provides a modern, standards-based language and programming model that supports common design patterns suitable for developers from many backgrounds.

Flexicious HTMLTreeGrid

But in this case, the requierment flexicioua a selectedKeyField – that it needs to be globally unique across all children AND parents is not being met. Performance is one of those things that are so unique to each situation. Our goal with the Flexicious Dashboard Framework Charting Library has been to maintain that level of Features, while at the same time leveraging the Skinning Aspects from Spark, while at the same time keeping the Charts extremely light weight.

It is not a vector and it doesn’t scale.

Flexicious Flex DataGrid and Advanced DataGrid Paging Filter and Sort Examples.

You do need a new build get this support – so please request a build even if you have 3. This part works just fine.


Performance Improvements with 4. Without the renderer, it works great. Below is the complete sample project: There is a lot flexicioous information about how each column is sized in each horizontal scroll policy mode, which is clarified here: Wondering what this looks like?