The Flanger effect presents a window where you can set the depth, frequency, and fixed delay parameters and control how the sound is mixed. The green and yellow play options are given in the table. Many recording options are available in the Record tab of the Control Properties window. This section explains commands under the GoldWave’s Effect menu. In that case, a processed file will have the same rate as the original file.

goldwave mpeg layer-3 encoder

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Censor type Specifies what sound to use to replace the selection. To change settings for an edit or effect, remove it, add a new one with the correct settings, then drag-and-drop it to the correct position in the process list if necessary. Choose the File Types tab.

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Alter the shape line up or down to increase or decrease the gain at a particular mpev. There are a few exceptions. The start and finish markers are moved to the far left and far right of the view.

goldwave mpeg layer-3 encoder

Use average Applies an averaging envelope throughout noise reduction processing. The selection is not affected. In most cases, editing and effects are performed only on the selection. It is important that the analysis Time is set to a place where the noise is heard by itself initially.


All recognized file types are listed. This makes the interface seem more responsive when starting playback. To disable Undo, set the number of undo levels to zero. Paste At inserts the clipboard at the location you specify: Also note that in the event of a system crash, it will not be possible to recover a file stored in RAM.

The Duration time specifies how long to record after the sound becomes quiet again. Select the “Trim” edit command. Usually values of 11 or higher give the best results.

goldwave mpeg layer-3 encoder

By right-clicking the mouse layer- over any status item that has a menu icon on its right side, the unit or format for that status item can be changed. Using a value of 3 allows recording to continue for three seconds after the sound goes below the specified threshold. Turn off any power management settings that may power down the lauer-3.

Holding both the shift and control keys moves the finish marker. The Generate tail option adds some silence to the end of the selection so that the trailing, fading echoes can be stored.

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Our hosted tools are virus and malware scanned with several antivirus programs using www. A high pitched squeal, for example, would appear as a spike near the right side of the graph. In GoldWave the Doppler effect dynamically alters or bends the pitch of the selection.


When performing time consuming processing, goldwxve as decoding a compressed file when opening it, or encoding a file when saving it, or using most effects, a progress window appears showing the amount of processing done and the estimated time remaining to complete it.

How to Install the LAME Encoder in GoldWave – FLV to MP3 Converter Q&A

Review by gorbag on Oct 16, Version: All the tests are OK with 3. The Duration time specifies how long to record after the sound becomes quiet again. The arrow keys change the fader settings. The Fade curve settings control how the audio is faded. If Beginning of selection is selected, then the clipboard is pasted and crossfaded at the beginning of the selection.

Several commonly used settings are provided in the Presets list. Compressed files are not supported.