It’s quite poignant, it is there … and back again. Just like the rush to color led to a flurry of colorized versions of black and white classics, we may well see post-production 48 fps renderings of existing movies. Watch SpaceX’s Starship presentation at 9: As for 2D cinema, filmmakers are likely to avoid HFR like the plague for narrative-style films which don’t feature scenic vistas, action or special effects. It’s not a bridge, it doesn’t span the 60 years between the two.

hobbit 3d 48fps

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A still image from The Hobbit: This page was last edited on 25 Septemberat It’s hobbif a bridge, it doesn’t span the 60 years between the two.

Super-detailed CGI human skin could finally cross the uncanny valley, bring realistic faces to games and movies. The human eye and brain can easily process 48 fps — or even the 60fps James Cameron will use in future Avatar sequels.

Since HFR video is hard to find on the web, we used a Canon 7D DSLR to capture 50 fps video which is close enough to 48 fpswith a mix of action and people, and then downconverted to 25 fps. While still pricey, high-frame-rate tools will increasingly become cost effective even for independent filmmakers wanting to take advantage of the new technology.

Why movies like The Hobbit are moving from 24 to 48 fps – ExtremeTech

Show 25 25 50 All. National Film Board of Canada. On top of that, the video-style appearance of HFR has a long history of being disliked by movie-goers — past attempts since the s have all flamed out. Upgrading theater projectors to 48 fps, even at a cost of several thousand dollars per screen, may pay for itself if it gives theater goers a premium experience.


hobbit 3d 48fps

If the extra clarity and absence of motion blur make you wonder if Orlando Bloom’s elf ear is crooked or an Ent isn’t blowing in the breeze like a tree ought to, then we might 84fps another 90 years of good ol’ 24 frames per second. Retrieved June 12, Because the faster shutter speed needed to shoot the footage in native 50 fps doesn’t translate so well when you halve the frame rate — it makes the converted video look unnaturally choppy.

High frame rate

While The Desolation of Smaug was screened for critics at 24fps in many territories, those who did see it at the higher frame rate have often remarked that the sequel has a much improved look. In technology, where more is almost always better, it is unusual to hear complaints about something getting faster. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Watch SpaceX’s Starship presentation at 9: Douglas Trumbull’s new Showscan.

High frame rate – Wikipedia

Archived from the original on All products recommended by Engadget are selected by our editorial team, independent of our parent company. You could play both at the same time — it works best to mute the sound from one — or if that feels like sensory overload, just watch them sequentially.

These changes may be disconcerting to hbbit used to viewing movies at 24 fps, but new moviegoers could quickly become addicted and not want to go back.

Views Read Edit View history. The Battle of the Five Armiesfollowed suit.


hobbit 3d 48fps

To be sure, if HFR cinema is going to happen, now is the time. Some computer programs allow for that as well but with higher precision and better quality as the computing power of the PC has grown.

The eyestrain and queasiness from 3D is caused in part by 24 fps, and Jackson avowed that he and his crew hobnit experienced any of that, even after “thousands of hours” of 48rps 3D Hobbit footage at 48 fps.

To get an idea, it helps to see 48 fps back-to-back against 24 fps video. So when Hobbit comes out this December, if you settle into the talky parts with little difficulty, that bodes well for the future of high frame rates. Loading comments… Trouble loading? The frame rate for motion picture film cameras was typically 24 frames per second fps with multiple flashes on each frame during projection to prevent flicker.

To give a fairer comparison, we added realistic motion blur hobvit the 25 fps video.

hobbit 3d 48fps

Of course in this case 48 fps could be used just for the scenes which need to be in slo-mo, with the rest of the film recorded in 24 fps. Elon Musk hopes SpaceX’s Starship will reach orbit in six months.

Retrieved February 1, Even for full-speed 488fps, 48 fps has advantages.