You may ask why I didn’t use SapcingBefore instead of adding a white border, and that’s a good question. Morbi neque ipsum, laoreet id; dignissim et, viverra id, mauris. This site uses cookies to analyse traffic, remember your preferences, and optimise your experience. Now, I have a large tif file that I want to use as a logo on an A4 letterhead. AddCell “Col 3 Row 1” ; table. This image will butt right up to the right-hand margin. AddCell “Cell 1” ; table.


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Proin egestas leo a metus? The middle cell is set tobut would have had the same effect.

c# – ISharpText for converting html content to pdf – Stack Overflow

AddCell “Col 1 Row 1” ; table. There are a number of ways to create images with iTextSharp using the Image.


Another scenario that might need to be catered for is to fit a user-supplied image into a fixed size box somewhere on a form.

Working with tables using iTextSharp is not that difficult, especially as many of the property names are so similar or identical to their counterparts within CSS and HTML. Following that, two rows of cells are added using the AddCell method and the table is finally committed to the currently open document. Add new Paragraph “JPG”. As you will see, the creators of iTextSharp have followed the CSS names for properties as much as possible to make working with styling syntax as easy as possible if you know your CSS, of course Add new Paragraph “Resolution: Add new Paragraph “Original Width: Add new Paragraph “Scaled Width: You may ask why I didn’t use SapcingBefore instead of adding a white border, and that’s a good question.


The second represents the Y-axis co-ordinate which starts from the bottom of the document and goes to the top.

iTextSharp – Introducing Tables

ScaleToFit f, f ; jpg. Isharptextt you use SetAbsolutePosition you end up with the same effect as if you had set the Alignment property of the image to Image.

What you are actually trying to do is squeeze pixels into the space that 72 normally occupies. The float value represents an angle measured in Radians. The following code takes an isuarptext of x and forces it to resize, maintaining its aspect ratio, into a rectangle measuring points square. This article builds on the previous six which are listed below.


ScalePercent 24f ; doc. This overview is not an exhaustive examination of tables, but provides an introduction to working with them through iTextSharp, and builds on the previous articles in ihsarptext iTextSharp series: Add new Paragraph “PNG”.

Nulla mauris elit, consectetuer sit amet, accumsan eget, congue ac, isharptet. Vestibulum vestibulum dapibus erat. It’s difficult to tell from the images I have provided so far, but the resolution of the resulting images in the PDF file is not that great. So the answer is nested tables.


Finally, in this look at tables, we see how the text content of a cell can be rotated which is rather natty. Add new Paragraph “GIF”. The Colspan is set to 3, isharptest means that the cell will occupy the full width of the table, just as in HTML.

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I have in mind the top right hand corner. AddCell “Cell 3” ; table. AddCell “Col 2 Row 1” ; table. This image will butt right up to the right-hand margin. Width gives me the width in points of the document, and I just remove the margin 36 points and the width of the image 72 points for the X-axis co-ordinate, and the margin and height of the image from the total height of the document for the Y-axis co-ordinate.