Adam calls George out on his bad note. She warns Austin to not show all his cards in the beginning. Who will advance to the finale? The coaches stressed the importance of connecting with the audience while performing emotionally charged songs. The guys are split between the divas. Coach Blake chooses Austin:

james irwin vs matt cermanski counting stars

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You could tell they were really reaching to display that fierce intensity that Christina demanded. The OG coach wants some respect, people! The Perfectionists Cancelled conting Freeform After 1… The consensus is that James, who garnered that zero-to-four-chair-turn in the blinds, has more natural ability than Matt. But this battle is all about Cher. Automatons and the reserved need not apply.

During rehearsals, both of the guitar-slinging bluesmen had to find the connection and the power within and go — how did Cher say it?

Adam calls George out on his bad note. Did Fool Us Again? The remaining contestants close out the cross battles. George is a Romanian heartthrob with an edgier boy band voice, while Juhi is a grunge-loving Duffy-type.


The Voice recap: Battle Rounds, Part 3

We see a sassier Christina, who has to goad the guys into injecting some life into their performances. In battle, both girls really improved from rehearsal and delivered an electrifying duet.

Will Champlin “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons. Xtina acting like Josh Logan overpowered Michael Lynch? Christina picks a Maroon 5 song that is probably more suited for Adam-sound-a-like Josh.

That you will never sound as good as this. John De Mol Jr.

Matt Cermanski vs James Irwin Counting Stars The Voice GIF

No steals for Michael. Cee Lo choosing George Horga Jr. Coach Christina pits the Latin culture-loving Michael Lynch against single dad Josh Logan Ugh, it pains me every time I have to reduce three-dimensional human beings into a jingle!

Csrmanski Maelyn Jarmon seal her victory during the live finale performances? At best, Josh came off like a terrific karaoke-bar performer; at worst on several of his riffshis pitch was as unsteady as a newborn fawn on a skating rink.

james irwin vs matt cermanski counting stars

After a strong vocal battle between both men, Adam picked the man in mayt sweater, James Wolpert, and Christina decided to give Will Champlin a second chance with the last minute steal. By Jennifer Arellano April 14, at In these battle rounds, the contestants must show that they have an emotional connection to their songs.


‘The Voice’ Recap: Battle Rounds — James Irwin, Matt Cermanski, Juhi | TVLine

The cross battles are actually kinda fun. Adam picks a song that his chosen adviser wrote, which makes James and Matt, both returning contestants, understandably a tad nervous.

james irwin vs matt cermanski counting stars

We have learned the pros and cons that come with singing a song by a coach or mentor. Three-Chair-Turn jamse son of Chicago band-member Will, in the most competitive battle of the night. Original Cast Member… The other coaches loved the performance and Christina “lived for it. Juhi and George Horga Jr. The guys are split between the divas.

Dude, you irqin put on a hideous Hawaiian shirt and allow your carefully manicured stubble to devolve into a mangy mess, but it does not negate your hotness.