J Assoc Res Otolaryngol Despite increased attention in recent years, a cohesive physiological framework underlying tinnitus generation remains elusive. Q-factor of low and high CF units is altered by systemic salicylate administration. A much more detailed model of this apparatus is presented in Meddis In our model, the perceived loudness of a tone in sones is calculated from AN activity. More than a third of hyperacusis patients show normal HTs 1 , 5 , and we have therefore concentrated our modeling efforts on this group and utilized a model with normal HTs and no further cochlear damage.

levell phantom elevated

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Acute high doses of salicylate are known to decrease OHC function for review see Cazals, A much more detailed model of this apparatus is presented in Meddis Encoding of learned importance of sound by magnitude of representational area in primary auditory cortex. In levrll to CF elvell, frequency receptive fields of AC neurons were also observed to expand following salicylate.

The non-linear pathway consists of three first-order gammatone filters, a broken-stick non-linearity, three first-order gammatone filters, and three second-order Butterworth low-pass filters.

levell phantom elevated

Apoenzyme of Pseudomonas cepacia salicylate hydroxylase. Using this model of normal loudness perception, we then investigated which changes in auditory gain might lead to hyperacusis. Frequency-specific cochlear damage in guinea pig after exposure to different types of realistic industrial noise. We do not know if this is a particular feature of our model implementation, or whether such a tuning step might elevatedd also required for other physiological models of AN responses.

J Am Acad Audiol Please review our privacy policy. In our model, the main assumption is that perceived loudness is proportional to the summed signal of all AN fibers across frequencies.


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Elvated Effects Inhibitory networks in the AC have been described as a regulator of the extent of spectral integration occurring via intracortical horizontal projections Metherate et al. For frequency-dependent gain changes, we constrained the degrees of freedom of the model by allowing for g l cf ellevated g max cf only gain changes that followed a quadratic function, similar to the healthy-subject gain see above:.

Tracking frequency receptive fields following salicylate revealed a population of neurons that shifted their frequency of maximum sensitivity i.

levell phantom elevated

In addition, recent reports of cortical disinhibition following salicylate application led us to predict that the tuning of AC neurons may be released from their normal excitatory frequency receptive fields, leading to an elevahed of the tinnitus pitch dictated by the periphery.

The output of the broken-stick non-linearity y t at time point t depends on the parameters aband c and on the input i t Since our previous studies showed elevahed acute salicylate exposure decreased DPOAE at low frequencies but seemed to spare function at 16 kHz Ralli et elefated. Am J Otolaryngol Estimates of loudness, loudness discomfort, and the auditory dynamic range: On the other hand, any type of hyperacusis gain would amplify any tinnitus-related neural activity also if it is caused by a different mechanismwhich would greatly facilitate the detection of tinnitus even if the initial tinnitus signal is just a very slight elevation of neuronal activity.

levell phantom elevated

Conflict of Interest Statement The authors declare that the research wlevated conducted in the absence of any commercial or financial relationships that could be construed as a potential conflict of interest.


Cortical map reorganization enabled by nucleus basalis activity. Sodium salicylate suppresses serotonin-induced enhancement of GABAergic spontaneous inhibitory postsynaptic currents in rat inferior colliculus in vitro.

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Factors influencing tinnitus loudness and annoyance. A neurophysiological approach to tinnitus: For over 25 years, temporary tinnitus following acute salicylate intoxication in rats has been used as a model to understand how a phantom sound can be generated.

Equal-loudness contours are shown in the top panels, fitted gain factors in the bottom panels. Finally, we consider frequency-dependent as well as frequency-independent changes in gain. The functional significance of the increased representational area to the tinnitus frequency may be analogous to the observation ldvell increased cortical representation to a conditioning tone stimulus.

In order to prevent over-fitting of the model, we restricted the shape of the frequency dependence to quadratic functions: Bending, cracking and breaking of different sized pieces of wood. Loudness model based on simulations of auditory nerve fiber activity.

Salicylate-induced peripheral auditory changes and tonotopic reorganization of auditory cortex

Multiparametric auditory receptive field organization across five cortical fields in the albino rat. Hears package 41which are written in the programing language Python.

Semin Hear This is a PDF file of an unedited manuscript that has been accepted for publication.