Carnival’s opening takes place at the Marco Zero Square, beginning with the presentation of approximately percussionists or batuqueiros, members of 14 Maracatu groups. The term maracatu denotes any of several performance genres found in Pernambuco , Northeastern Brazil. There are two explanations for that, which I regard as complementary Maracatu Rural has a high participation rate with dozens of groups in operation. Although not really explicit, the underlying meaning of the incorporation of women into the batuques represents a conquest, derived from the ideal of equal rights for men and women. Branco pointed out this question.

maracatu estrela brilhante do recife

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Maracatu Nação Estrela Brilhante

I then examine gender relations, focusing upon classifications which shape musical practices, and relate to differentiated hierarchies and powers for men and women, with some disadvantages for the latter. This gesture is repeated at each new toada, and is also done to entice the diversion of the group’s members or increase the sound of the instruments. These tambourines are not very heavy, but the position to hold them it is played resting on the shoulder, near the ear, striking it with the hand opposite to the shoulder where the instrument is placed.

Unlike Pernambuco these are institutionalized groups, referred to as parafolkloric or alternatives. The control over sexuality is connected to morality. In other words, the hierarchies between the two ways of being favor the masculine side, giving it more value, a value women yearn for in order to challenge maeacatu inequality.

The theme each Bumba Meu Boi will bring, as well the quality of maracati toadas, is matters of great expectation. I saw that this occurs to allow young children and elderly people to play the alfaias, according to their sizes and physical resistance.


Southern Exposure: Performing Arts of Latin America

The most common reason given for the prohibition of women playing drums is their “open body” 20with particular emphasis on the menstrual period. These drum beats are difficult to execute so that only a few can do it adequately.

The alfaia is played by striking the drumsticks and, though these are kept close to the player’s body, they appear to be rdcife from it. Retrieved from ” https: Is this a romantic place or activity that you would suggest for couples?

maracatu estrela brilhante do recife

Maracatu Estrela Brilhante Igarassu On this particular occasion, according to police reportsall went off peacefully and tranquilly. On the other hand, another code breaks this correspondence.

Maracatu Estrela Brilhante do Recife – Desfile Oficial Chords – Chordify

In the second case, esteela relationship between masculinity and power is challenged. In the Zabumba accent, sometimes, there were people from outside playing the tambourine. They are a source for strong polemics, as they compete with traditional Maracatus.

maracatu estrela brilhante do recife

The reasons presented for that are different, but they all spring from notions of femininity and are also related to the bodily performance of the players. In the second part, I focus upon the description of musical instruments and singing.

This characterization was accentuated in the s, when the black movement reappeared in Brazil with the demise of the Military Regime that began in Albuquerque, Fraga Filho It is to them that the amo and his helpers direct their attention to maintain the development of the music. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.

It also serves to establish adequate positions marcatu men and women, particularly as far as playing instruments is redife. Women have neither the tone nor the scope to sing and conduct the group. Maracatu’s rehearsals occur in the association’s headquarters or in its vicinities, without attracting a large public. They dress in the traditional clothes associated with women from Bahia, that is long brilhate over multiple petticoats.


When slavery was abolished in Brazil inthe institution of the Kings of Congo ceased to exist. Special attention should be given to the Orquestra accent Bumba Meu Boi because there are some striking differences when compared to the other types of Bumba.

Next in bri,hante hierarchy, is a group of noble couples, following the entourage, made up of a Prince and a Maractu, and also a Count, a Duke, a Marquis. Maracatu groups, in general, are comprised of an entourage brilhanfe a set of batuqueiros percussionists. For that very reason, the focus on the amo is dislocated, allowing women to join in, singing in a more expressive way, at least apparently. Finally, a heated debate has grown over the past years over whether women should be able to occupy the master’s place.

This gift is connected to another one, the potency, tone and scope of his voice, which will enable him to exercise the command of the group. Men dressed as Baianas are much admired for their performance and elaborate costumes. I believe this term is more associated to the music than to the dance.

However, there is a variation in the costumes worn, especially by the team of revellers.