Also other prosesses are shown on the course of the war. Edit Storyline Popularly known by the name of the main character, “Mashadi Ibad” was based on a musical comedy by composer Uzeyir Hajibeyov and written in the early s. Most of the guests, who have become rather tipsy, are bragging about themselves and their “intelligence. This melody is also now known as “Mashadi Ibad”. He felt it covered her pretty face and he didn’t want to accompany her. Everything begins when Tofig comes back from soldiering. If not this one, then that one is considered one of the major comedies of prerevolutionary Azerbaijan, ranked with the satirical works of Mirza Fatali Akhundov and Jalil Mammadguluzadeh.

mashadi ibad music

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If Not That One, Then This One – Wikipedia

He swears to pay off his debts within the hour, but how will he do it? Both capitalist and working class elements lived side by side causing irreconcilable differences.

mashadi ibad music

The parody portrait of this unlucky groom is continued in subsequent passages; for example, the traditional melody “Darchiny” becomes a comic song for Mashadi Ibad and Rustam bey in duet. After the traditional ceremonies, the veiled bride is escorted to Mashadi’s room. The movie is about relations between mother and her daughter-in-law. And Gulnaz gets to marry her true love, Sarvar.

He iad Mashadi Ibad write that he refuses to marry to Gulnaz, and instead wishes to marry Senem. Mashadi Gazanfar complains about his quarrelling customers and again praises his bath house. A trio consisting of khananda Khan Shushinski dafTalat Bakikhanov kamancha and Bahram Mansurov tar perform the Seygah mugham in the dinner party scene at Rustam bey’s house.


But Zaur’s mother is not thinking highly about Tahmina. Hajibeyov was always a stalwart supporter of women’s rights. According to musician Elmira Abbasova, the characters are typical representatives of that time. This version has been shown countless times on television over more than half a century.

Hajibeyov describes social and everyday reality in Azerbaijan at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries. He decides to summon support from Gochu Asger’s gang and leaves. The musical was conducted by the composer.

Hajibeyov: O Olmasin, Bu Olsun (Mashadi Ibad)

Rustam bey answers that he is a dear uncle msahadi the girl who was only teasing him. Mashadi Ibad asks to hold the wedding quickly. Rustam bay literally sells his young, beautiful daughter, Gulnaz, to a year-old merchant, Mashadi Ibad. He butchers the Azeri language, mixing it up with Ottoman Turkish so that no one can understand him. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

mashadi ibad music

The servant Senem also understands this, intercepting the dispute with Rustam bey and supporting Gulnaz. Musicologist Elmira Abbasova notes that Lbad Hajibeyov records the speech of representatives of various sectors of society of that time with precision and artistry.

Get a high-speed look at the latest trailers from El Camino: He has enjoyed performances of “Mashadi Ibad” since childhood. Therefore, secret meetings had to be arranged.


O olmasin, bu olsun Azerbaijan’s Sound of Music

Abbasova remarks that music of this comedy reveals a m ore advanced and multifaceted portrait of character than its predecessor Husband and wife. Enter Gulnaz and Senem; a witty conversation between them and Mashadi Ibad ensues. Use the HTML below. Rustam bey, returning home, stumbles on Sarvar as he is leaving the house ivad learns that his daughter has fallen in love with Sarvar. But anger and disgust can be heard in Mashadi Ibad’s voice in the ensemble “It is impossible”, because has now learnt about the love between Gulnaz and Sarvar.

If not this one, then that one is considered one of the major comedies of prerevolutionary Azerbaijan, ranked with mussic satirical works of Mirza Fatali Akhundov and Jalil Mammadguluzadeh.

O olmasin, bu olsun Azerbaijan’s Sound of Music – Art – Visions of Azerbaijan Magazine

He decides that the only way to pay off his creditors is to get money by marrying off Gulnaz to the rich, old, widowed bazaar merchant, Mashadi Ibad. The song “In spite of my old age” is based on the traditional eloquent ” Uzundara ” melody, which is transformed by Mashadi Ibad’s version in which he cynically argues about love.

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