You can simply use Factory reset command to reset this appliance. You can install NetBackup client software on clients as follows: You can use the command-line interface to enable or disable link aggregation, as well as view the status of the link aggregation. If you choose to reimage your appliance, Symantec recommends that you reimage the appliance with the same version of software that you currently have installed. Searching for files and folders to restore with DLO. I Hate Symantec Backup Exec. About Auto Image Replication between appliances Auto Image Replication is the ability to replicate backups that are generated in one NetBackup domain to storage in other NetBackup domains, often across various geographical sites.

netbackup 7.5 admin guide

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SNMP enables network administrators to manage network performance, find and solve network problems, and plan for entbackup growth. Additionally, each server interface that is used to transfer data to the appliance must be configured for jumbo frames.

asmin The log on page of the NetBackup Appliance user interface provides a Software link that you can use to install that software. When you performed the initial configuration on the appliance, you selected one of the following to identify the associated master server: Use the following procedure to add robots to the appliance.

Then, add the key to your master server. The following describes the differences: Status Displays the status of In Use the storage unit. The proxy settings include both a proxy server and a port. If the file transfer failed during this procedure, you can restart the automated procedure or you can attempt to download and install the software update using the manual download procedure. This command enables you to monitor the health of a specific piece of hardware or all of the components.


The second value is the WAN Optimization version number. Table lists the menu and task options available when the appliance is configured in the master server role. For example, an employee that maintains the password may leave the company, or you may lose or forget the password.

Symantec Dlo 70 Admin Guide

Deleting the selected server s will disable related features in NetBackup. Import Extended Enter the time period to adjust the extended retry interval. Symantec recommends that you reimage with the same level of software as what you currently have installed. The disk has to be resized within the stipulated limits. Click Yes to confirm the deletion. The period lengths must be 10secs or more. The following procedure downloads a software update on to the appliance and installs it using an automated download procedure.

Therefore, before gide attempt to recover your appliance, contact Symantec Technical Netbadkup.

netbackup 7.5 admin guide

The list is compiled automatically and is based on the link types and the link speeds of the ports. On a master appliance, the following warning message is displayed: Fibre Channel and Fibre Transport connectivity About Fibre Channel port configuration options for the NetBackup 52xx appliances For information about how to configure a NetBackup or as a VMware backup host, refer to the following topics: A preconfigured media server appliance will continue to share the deduplication password with the master server appliance.


I Hate Symantec Backup Exec. To change the network configuration settings 1 Log on to the administrative Web UI on the appliance.

Symantec Dlo 70 Admin Guide

You can perform a factory reset and remove all of the data or you can elect to recover the backup data. To work with the NFS drive, you can use the following commands in the appliance shell menu: Gyide event ID can be used to search the event logs.

netbackup 7.5 admin guide

Understanding the NetBackup appliance settings 77 About hardware monitoring, self test, and alerts Configuring a Call Home proxy ntbackup You can configure a proxy server for Call Home, if required. If that option is not feasible, then you may need to replace your appliance completely.

After you select this option, the Email ID that you designate receives alerts for the following software conditions: Also, if you remove one of the two connected storage expansion units, you need to reboot the appliance.