Results 41 to 60 of That is unclear to me. Most protections are a unity of device-program licenses and often maps-SDcard. Unfortunately, there are no more data from the system. Wed Feb 20, 8:

nng igo 8 8.3.5

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It looks like the program is an iGO derived build, yes. In any case, looking at what you uploaded, I see the link is there. I can’t see this green arrow.

WIN CE iGO WinCE, WinMobile 5/6/ & later

I’m rewriting the SD as I type but expect the same result. Sign in Already have an account? And so I plead. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. If one link in the chain is broken, it all stops there. What content did you upload?

iGO 8.3.5 download free Multi resolutuion kit

What is ‘main screen’, Find, Route, Manage, Settings? Could you or one of our other resident supermen please help with just the add on bits, shell.


nng igo 8 8.3.5

They’re really like little round yellow icons almost smaller than a poi icon. One 88.3.5 the update and after the update. If your seeing yellow circles it sounds like Primo not iGO?

nng igo 8 8.3.5

Ive never seen those Icons appear in iGO8. NabiWhich one for Indonesia map? Go To Topic Listing. Came back here and read about data2.

iGO download free Multi resolutuion kit – Download free GPS maps

It’s showing instant email at the bottom so maybe something else to check? Replacing the SD could be enough for 88.3.5 failure. Does the skin matter?

Sat Jul 17, 7: It’s in Renault and Dacia. This is my Licence folder: Also in Primo when you have R17 or R18 installed the school zones only show when you drive past them from what Ive seen on mine.

Hey chefke What do you want to accomplish? But cannot get school zones to show up other than a small yellow circle, but triangle or audio beep etc. Is it possible lgo doesn’t show on a low res screen? Did you contact your car dealer and asked him what you want to do or get? But then came ok.


Posted March 19, Yep the x res is in the single zip. Since iGO amigo was a streamlined release, it had fewer features than its predecessor iGO 8.

Make sure the new. Unfortunately, there are no more data from the system.

nng igo 8 8.3.5

Anyway, the information you give is too little to tell anything useful.