Let’s put an asterisk by this one, shall we? Overall first set – this is pretty close to immaculate. To be clear it’s straight ahead and not a type two exploratory behemoth. The construction of the setlist is excellent, with a nice opening jam, and energetic middle section highlighted by a scorching ’93 Possum, and closing with a fine YEM. Peaches is always a treat.

phish 12/31/93

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Phish – 12/31/93 Contender for Best “Harry Hood” of All-Time – Live Music Daily

I remember the phisy getting in being stupid long and taking forever. It was pretty hilarious at the time. The first two sets are still two of my all time favorite live experiences. The Harry Hood alone makes it a special night, but this show has so many tunes to return to.

Donate to Mockingbird Contact Us https: Tanks and cops and cops on horses and me just tripping face in the cold.

Stash was in the 3 spot and gave phisn our first taste of improvisation. The set could end and I’d die a happy man. Trey phksh much nails the tight composed section. The rest of the show is amazing as well. I forget about one song, or one moment, or one crowd yell this goddammed crowd!


Top to bottom this is such a satisfying show. Reba was up next and this jam was superb.

Both shows just smoke. Well, this version isn’t the absolute best, although I would argue it’s underrated.

phish 12/31/93

Tweezer Reprise ends the set in energetic fashion. The length is again justified as it all sounds great. The jam is pretty standard, but still quite incendiary. There’s not one wasted note from any of the players. For this I can only wonder why.

Just ripping versions of all the jam tunes. Set 3 isn’t quite as good as the set before it, but it contains one of the single greatest moments in Phishtory.

Page tears this one apart.

Phish – 12/31/93 Contender for Best “Harry Hood” of All-Time

Excellent placement and certainly a phan favorite. It’s a very energetic opening. Flawless, totally locked in during the jam.

phish 12/31/93

The Phones – Londonderry, VT. Listen to thish show, great halleys to.

: 12/31/93 is the greatest Phish show of all time

Or any other shows during this run or anywhere near the era of this run. They keep the momentum going with Split Open and Melt, which doesn’t really touch the August exploratory version, but is still very crisp and well jammed, despite being on the shorter side. To be clear it’s straight ahead and not a type two exploratory behemoth.


It could be one of my favorite pieces of 1/31/93 I’ve ever heard. After the ball drops and the band plays the customary Aud Lang 1/231/93 things get moving, and in a big way. This was a threshold moment, and we knew It. I love this version! The darker section right before “Thank you Phishh.

This is one of Trey’s shining moments on the electric guitar.