You need one license for each workstation. You can change the default resolution by specifying a new resolution for the image: You must manually provide the start and stop characters, which could be characters A, B, C or D. If you are using a common paper size like Letter, A4, A5, etc, then you don’t need to specify this switch. By far the most safe way is to download PRTWin directly from the developers’s website.


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This are currently supported languages: The graphical mode becomes the issue with matrix printers – they are just too slow in graph mode and DOSPrinter by default works in graph mode. The output filename is: You can edit it with Notepad. The primary purpose of our website is to provide the user with a list of software programs that support a particular file extension, as well as that help to convert them to another format.

Set relative horizontal print position.


You can change the default resolution by specifying a new resolution for the image: If your printer is capable to print in duplex mode, you can put inside the document this command seqence: Associations of PRTWin with the file extensions.


The program prtwni ability to preview the printout and select pages to print out of the preview.

Bojan Banko Alternet software bojan. We will use the printer port only, not the driver.

Optionally specify the ID for the instance. Then click on Shared prtin. What if your DOS program cannot print to the file: CODE 93 Two checksum characters are required for this barcode type. You have two options to do that: Possible values for k and meanings are: After each file is printed, delete it automatically. If you have a text-mode printer with USB prywin, you cannot print directly to it from a DOS program, and this switch is one of the possible solutions for that.

Printing to USB or any windows printer from a DOS program

That is the case with some drivers produced by HP, or others, especially drivers for cheap ink-jets. The easiest thing to do is to use a compatible driver that already exist in your windows. Download this file for an example of how to use the ESC B command.

The output file is a graphical format type EMF format. Force the nonstandard easteuropean DOS code page You have to provide 12 digits. Note that there is no space between ESC and “filename”.


Each bit of Prhwin flag has a meaning: DOSPrinter will automatically create new email from it. On the other side, there are ink-jets and laser printers; even if some of them do have the text-mode printing capabilities, they are not so slow in graphical mode, so this switch is obsolete for this kind of printers.

Barcode setup and print. DOSPrinter pftwin a bit program so it can run on both bit and bit versions of windows without worrying about the versions. How to print on both sides of the page duplex printing: Other forms of this switch are: Display the “select printer dialog” before printing.


If the ESC EM command is found at the beginning of the page, it affects the current page and next pages.