Click add to add the potion. Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Sorry for the inconvenience. Share this post Link to post. This script will allow you to farm gold on untouched Runescape accounts until they die; what this means is all you will have to do is just create a new account let the bot do the rest. You can post now and register later. Forum Themes Elegant Mobile.

rsbot v2.61

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After would come drinking potions. And for people wonder if it’s good or not, definitely give it a shot!

PICkit 2 Programmer Software v2.61 Released

Let the script pot up for you. Something I noticed is if the script is competing against a ranger or mage for kills, it doesn’t notice the targeted nps has already v2.611 attacked by someone else for almost a good second.

Features Banks the given items to resupply!

It would be nice if the Pickit2 page would specify the proper new URLs although you can find the new files with an educated guess! In addition to getting “programming failed”, I also get a VPP error.


rsbot v2.61

Save user settings Link: It stops unexpectedly, why? Loot items are above given GE price or id or name by picking it up or casting telegrab.

rsbot v2.61

I’m not able to reproduce this issue. Sorry for the inconvenience. It works fine with previous ver. If you switch combat style, TTL and Levels gained will switch accordingly. Ability to define up to 3 safe spots. Walk to your desired path 4.

Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Added clear safe tiles button.

PICkit 2 Programmer Software v Released | Microchip

This script is available on the SDN. Run in fixed mode. It says it picks up items but does it bank them too? Aion’s Musa Point Fisher. Proper ranged support picking up arrows.

PICKit2, can not install Tools V2.61

It might not seem much, but over the course of hours it becomes a noticeable bot-like behaviour. To avoid idling for nothing, this script ensures your fishing level meets the required level needed for the selected fishing method.


rsbot v2.61

Click add to add the potion. Start at the bank, and it will spin your flax into lovely bow strings WOW! Simple, yet g2.61, approach for F2P players to make money easily. This script is still in beta stages, please report all bugs on this thread or via PM. Loot your items by picking them up or casting telegrab. Change the current centre point to the tile you’re currently standing on. Get your copy now! The setup is way to difficult for me! Make sure you have these settings enabled in the RuneScape client before using this script: You fsbot do this by clicking on the “Set Safespot” button.

Now only loots when player has not attacking.