He enjoys causing mischief until he finds wanted posters for the ogress Fiona. Shrek is happy that the ogres are freed and Fiona is safe, but Rumpelstiltskin shows him that she is also a prisoner, because she isnt “all ogre”, and recites her curse. Rumpelstiltskin, hiding behind a garbage can, has witnessed the whole thing and plans his revenge. Fiona is suspicious of Shrek, but he tells her private things about her. They join all the other ogres, who are also dancing. Fiona tells him that true love didn’t rescue her from the tower; she saved herself.

shrek 4 zvonec a konec cz dabing

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Shrek grudgingly helps him.

This leads him to yearn for the days when he felt like a “real ogre. Description Synopsis Rating 0. Fiona exclaims that they make a good zvonef, but Shrek begins to vanish due to the approaching sunrise. They reach Far Far Away, which has been turned into a town of poverty and misery, except for Rumpelstiltskin’s luxurious castle, which uses ogres and Shrek’s friends for slaves.

Puss in Dabint rescues Shrek and Fiona but they eventually wreck their wagon.

shrek 4 online –

Donkey tells Shrek that Fiona only cares about the ogres’ cause. Fiona has fallen in love with him too and kisses him before he completely vanishes. Fiona enters and Shrek tries to woo her with gifts, but she kicks him out. The ogres leave w hideout and wait for the time to ambush. Rumpelstiltskin in return offers shreo help Shrek by giving him a ride.


After he lets out a roar of frustration, the entire crowd cheers. Send question to vendor. Donkey and Puss in Boots interrupt; then the ogres, who were hiding in the decorated ball, trumpet their ears and burst out.

shrek 4 zvonec a konec cz dabing

,onec The ogres eat Shrek’s gifts and exclaim that these types of gifts won’t work on Fiona. Safely in the forest, Shrek tries to convince Donkey to trust him but Donkey runs away in fear. The ogres defeat the witches, so Rumpelstiltskin attempts to leave on his goose, but Shrek and Fiona capture him.

shrek 4 zvonec a konec cz dabing

Fiona gives up trying to talk sense to Shrek and goes back inside. Outside the castle, Donkey informs the ogres that they will bust into the castle the same way they busted out.

Shrek 4 Online

Fiona leaves, angry and bitter. The kiss worked, and everything starts disappearing around Rumpelstiltskin. I want to be a fan.

Donkey falls for a trap baited with waffles, and gets pulled underground. Meanwhile, Shrek has grown tired of being a domesticated family daibng and celebrity among the local villagers; he even tires of his friends’ visits.


Rumpelstiltskin is in a cage.

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The Pied Piper arrives at Rumpelstiltskin’s castle and proves his expertise by making the witches dance. Shrek is truly living happily forever after.

Donkey has come back and asks Shrek why he’s crying; Shrek tells him that he was tricked into signing Srhek contract. At his castle, Rumpelstiltskin plots with the witches how to catch Shrek so he won’t be able to kiss Fiona and break the contract.

Rumpelstiltskin, hiding behind a garbage can, has witnessed the whole thing and plans his revenge. Shrek and Donkey eavesdrop on Fiona, who is briefing her lieutenants on the counter-attack for Rumpelstiltskin’s raid tonight.

shrek 4 zvonec a konec cz dabing

The ogres q in cages in Rumpelstiltskin’s castle. The witches deliver Shrek to Rumpelstiltskin, who is celebrating his opulence with witches. This distracts her and prevents her from giving the signal to attack. He signs the contract in exchange for freeing the ogres. They all hide when witches patrol overhead.