And he actually was doing the impressions for another reason, to prove his point about the main mission of his instruction philosophy honed by watching reels and reels of footage from CBS Sports’ Bizhub Swing Vision technology: Jay Haas was first. Watched them one time, hit best iron shots in 20 years of playing golf. I plan to work hard on these very things this winter. If was his first event in a few decades.

sybervision impact zone

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Golf: Bobby Clampett ready to get back into tour golf, and help out amateurs along the way

impacg Buying the dvds was easy to justify. Clampett, a three-time All-American at Brigham Young, outlined his five main dynamics of how to get the proper impact:.

sybervision impact zone

Since using the flat wrist principle my shot consistency is amazing! Reply to this topic I understand everything so much better now. Would you say that the dvd alone would be enough for a newcomer like myself? That’s a big claim. By nevets88Saturday at The problem most people have had with swing visualization is that few have ever had the correct swing model to emulate. All shots were considerably higher and the left shots disappeared with the hard swings.

Leave your comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. When the neurons fire, they send directive impulses to the muscles that guide the impact zone swing.

Off and on of course, more time off than on.


Working on My Game: Inside the Ropes – Sept. 2009

I think Im going to syberviison ahead and purchase this for xmas but it would be great if someone posted a “before and after” video of their swing. Good Luck and Hit’em Straight. I must say that listening to Bobby Clampett and seeing him demonstrate and explain the 5 fundamentals was well worth it.

Want to join this community? Can’t wait to watch the DVD’s.

sybervision impact zone

Practice the drills, visualize the motions, sybervisio the philosophy — really put it to the test. I was looking forward to the DVD release, and sybervislon hoping it would be more of a standard instructional video showing the Impact Zone techniques. From a young promising phenom with top finishes on the money list in his first two seasons on the PGA Tour, Clampett quickly fizzled off the tour golf grid and into a broadcast career.

Sybervision Impact Zone DVD? – Golf Talk – The Sand Trap .com

Clampett spent the most time talking about this, because it’s the hardest adjustment to make for the average golfer.

Now he’s waiting the chance to do just that on the tour, zoen finishing 45th on the money list in just 15 events in We had probably over people at the clinic. GG from yesterday had my driving at about my handicap level average distance, nice sybegvision me!

This time, I was primarily hitting foot putts and then finishing the “hole.

Now when I watch the pros I can clearly see the same moves in their swings that Clampett teaches in the video. Performance is subervision the result of what you put into it. We’ve simply taken Bobby’s discovery and put it into an accelerated learning system.


Has anyone tried The Sybervision Impact Zone?

If what we’re saying is true, then we’ve got something very significant here. Because our program works for the vast majority of golfers. A week after the System was released May Bobby scored three holes-in-one in PGA Champions play and nearly won the second tour event in which he played. Parts of the book I couldn’t fully appreciate from reading and imagining are cystal clear with the video, such as load and lag. What’s at work on the muscle memory side is that neuroscience have recently discovered a set of neurons in the brain that fire when we make a perfect biomechanically efficient golf swing and those same neurons fire when we watch or imagine the same swing.

The more these pathways are stimulated — the more grooved the imapct zone fundamentals become and the more instinctive the impact zone swing becomes.

If the customer doesn’t benefit as promised, they can return the system for a full refund.