Or to send money to relatives or friends in rural areas? Mi supuu, ka stew na ma top layer za high school, vile huwa zime tokelezea! Hata zikikatwa bado zita tokelezea! A number of things became possible at the same time: Za Rehema kando, zangu zimetokelezea!

tokelezea abbas

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Chantelle Ft Abbas – Tokelezea (Overproof Riddim)

NuNairobi is ready for the tokkelezea Yusuf Mahmoud founder of ‘Sauti za Busara’ festival. Kutakua free drinks, mchele ongelezea tokelezea! Abbas na Chantelle, wametokelezea!

tokelezea abbas

Ingawa chelewa, bora wata tokelezea! Where in the 90s and early s the youth were listening to the local hiphop and dancehall blend, which were dominating the airwaves, the internet has opened the scene to the world.

Verse 3 Abbas Kimse, kimetoplezea!

Nunairobi – Kenya’s Music Hub

Za Rehema kando, zangu zimetokelezea! The economic boom of the last couple of years led to the construction of a number of new skycrapers. Verse 2 Ni KB, nanime Tokelezea, full buzz this year tume tokelezea tokelezea! Contact and Imprint All tracks licenced directly from the artists or labels. Welcome to the wbbas of NuNairobi Sitting on the rooftop terrace of Pawa, one of Nairobi’s vibrant cultural spaces, you can enjoy a beautiful panorama of the glittery skyline of downtown Nairobi.


Ukikosa beshte zako, wata tokelezea, na wata tokelezea, tokelezea!


Diamond Platnumz dad drops his first single Apr, 5: Kichwa na ga ga, cheki vile zimetokelea! Mapiercing, na matatu zimetokelezea!

tokelezea abbas

It is here, where app developers work on their own solutions, suiting local needs and tackling Kenya’s same old problems. Send Item To Friend. Exchanging perspectives with young entrepreneurs and creatives toklezea current developments in fashion, film or technology will make you think you are in Berlin, Paris or London. They want to understand the consumer, their needs, and get a better feel for growing markets.

tokelezea abbas

This new generation came up with the catchphrase: Niko fresh bila prince, nimetoka bel-air, natoka tpkelezea bila make up sija jipondelea, Na bado nakaa poa nimetokelezea! There has been a debate about the origin and the meaning of the term NuNairobi. Kuna watu wengi hunichorea, mi niliwapea wire wakanichomea! Sign up For Our Newsletter Get all our news and updates. Koko rythm, tim tim, mume tokelezea! Leo tokleezea, kila mtu alikuja in pairs, wale walikua lucky walikula kwa stairs!


BPM for “Tokelezea (feat. Abbas)” by Chantelle | songbpm

Job matching apps and e-learning systems empower the youth and online memes get kickstarted out of matatu mini-busses, which provide access to WiFi. And one Kenya, manze tumetokelezea! Nyi mnadunga masupa juu mmesha potea!

Where else in the world can you pay for anything from a taxi, to drinks in a bar, or goods from small roadside shops, with your mobile phone? Lakini mi nili shukuru nikawachorea, ju najua tu mabaraka zitatokelezea! Subscribe to our mailing list.

Abbas ni kubaff, ametokelezea! Luo Festival 26th April