So it was out of sheer love for our American audience that we came, because the record sales are not there. I studied Hindustani [North Indian] and also Carnatic. Not the politicians and the bureaucrats but for musicians and the people who love music. You studied tabla prior to taking up percussion. Yes, but not finishing there was a blessing in disguise. He actually put the whole brass section together. I was about five or so when I first started playing tabla with my mother [renowned vocalist Shoba Gurtu], and then I began taking lessons when I was about ten.

trilok gurtu massical

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Imagine this happening in reverse. Okay, changing gears a little bit … In addition to the Hendrix video I saw, there are several YouTube videos of you in concert now, and also on your website. It starts off mysteriously and then it starts yurtu up in density as well as in rhythmic and melodic complexity.

trilok gurtu massical

So it was out of sheer love for our American audience that we came, because the record sales are not there.

As a first-call sideman, he has appeared on numerous CDs, DVDs and compilations, supporting a wide variety of artists and genres.


Not even within India or in Africa. It was very rare. And thankful for whatever respect they get in Europe and everywhere else in the world. I got rid of that drum terminology when I became disillusioned with the Berklee College of Music.

I read on your website a joint interview you did with Selvaganesh. In addition to Abdul Karim, who were some of your other teachers; would some of us recognize their names? And I never took money from my parents to have instruments.

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A comment he made really struck me: Exhibiting comes later on. I would really like to play for them again. I would like to really come and play for my audiences there.

Getting back to John McLaughlin … When we spoke last year, he discussed at length about how Ravi Shankar encouraged him to learn Carnatic konnakol [terminology describing the vocal percussion and rhythmic counting system from South India] and how triloj it was for him in developing his own musicianship. They have no caste, religion, creed, nothing. I know I was.

trilok gurtu massical

We lost a lot of money, everybody lost a lot of money, even John [McLaughlin] lost a lot of money touring America. So the teaching is in the listening. As a percussionist, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and composer, Trilok Gurtu has forged an impressive career. I did it together with my band member, Carl Cantini. So we need help to come to America.


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I think this is very natural. But then when Mr.

I used to tour twice a year, from until Shankar; Joe Zawinul and numerous others. I took tabla first.

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Listening is the first lesson. And then I studied with Ahmed Jan Thirakwa. I think the musicians were not even helpful when I was in America, triloo were pretty … because I came from the third world, you know? Yeah, I know what you mean. And now there are some very mawsical musicians out of New York. I can see where that would happen. So this is a different background than a normal [Indian] classical musician.