That was not true. UFile also offers customer support and options for contacting professionals who can help you answer questions if you get stuck. Fortunately I found it after I net-filed which worked very well for our two returns and I reported it to CRA with no complications. One basic thing I miss is the ability to drill down on any number on any form anywhere, and it would take you back to how it got there. UFile is available in all the provinces, and the product and pricing structure is simple. You need to do some book keeping yourself though. Use our online chat feature to get answers to your burning questions.

ufile 2011 software

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A skill-testing question may be required. I used UFile last year, no problems.

ufile 2011 software

Also, the carry forward did not worded last year, it was CRA that has corrected my tax return. UFile can also import information from selected other tax software products. The support for this software is abysmal. View all posts by Tom Drake. Using the preteen version caused me to miss uufile. Unfortunately, I had the misfortune of discovering a bug related to how the provincial forms were reporting that did not exist in the installed version. The online help has nothing for that error.


I got dinged by CRA for not reporting the missing T4As and Ufile kept softwaare obtuse responses refusing to accept liability as per their guarantee. I just had the same reassessment re: Udile, this year horrible. Pension splitting rules can mean substantial tax savings! I always use VisualTax as its inexpensive and does a through job even for professional tax preparers. 201 only testimonials are great; no way to submit a bad one.

UFile has a hiccup when trying to efile, it keeps asking for soap to be installed in the file Library, if more than one person is included in the return. You should not delete a safe executable file without a valid reason, as this may affect the performance of any associated programs that use that file. Please read the following to decide for yourself whether the ubxupdater.

Do I just buy any version that I want? I have to emailed sofware support…no flippen word back.

Prior tax years | UFile

There seems to be a problem with Scedule 12 Home Improvement page. I have been using UFile since and found that it did the job. I would love for all corporate at guile try to get family member to do sfotware actual tax year with program!


ufile 2011 software

It would be much easier. After I have followed all procedure that uFile provided, sooftware child care fee from my dependant will not go to lien of one of our lower income parent. I became non-resident during the year, and I could not discover that UFile generated my return incorrectly until after I paid.

Do it yourself with H&R Block Tax Software.

There is another well known program that has been gaining momentum. Overall though it went well and their support on tax and using-the-software matters was fantastic. I entered my tax info into both Ufile and Turbotax to see how they compared. The help desk of the company is also very slow and inefficient in problem solving. I agree with you!

Prior tax years for UFile

Regards, Gaetan on behalf of the UFile Team. T4 and rental income. It fixed our PC quicker than doing it manually:. Does anyone softwars if I can use any of these software products to complete my annual Canadian tax return?