Or is there another work around that I can try? The error message in the properties box simply states that windows was unable to install the driver correctly. Had the KZ working on Win 7 64 bit! Joined Nov 18, Messages 27, Please ignore the error message.

vodacom k3805-z driver

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This issue will be fixed in one of the next releases driver version newer than The error code in the driver details window is Download Vodafone Mobile Broadband for Windows 10 1.


Other product and company names mentioned herein may be the trademarks of k38005-z respective owners. If the SIM card is inserted for the first time, there is a possibility that the data is not ready for successful authentication.

vodacom k3805-z driver

All other devices do not support them: I never think of that. Any attempt to change the network via Vodafone Mobile Broadband ends with an error. Check the threads as it was discussed before In addition to the fact that the installation process is painless, the menus are exceptionally straightforward to navigate. PROS Easy to use. Wise Care Easy to use PC drlver optimizer.


Vodafone Mobile Broadband USB Modem Stick Lite Install guide |

This time, all drivers installed! A software update is available for ddiver DNE which fixes this issue: Joined Jun 3, Messages 4, Joined Jun 5, Messages Joined Nov 1, Messages 13, No phonebook import possible if contacts contain special Unicode characters. Who is the wuck-fit that is employed by you guys that is supposed to test these products before you unleash them on the unsuspecting public?

Is this not perhaps due to the 64bit version of your OS? On the Manage Devices screen, the device status is Active green square.

Fails with error code Vodafone MiFi System information. They now give the Error Code Vodafone Broadband for Windows 10 is an innovative application for Vodafone customers using Vodacoom Had to restore to a previous SavePoint, which fixed the network problems but also removed everything Vodafone.

I’m also having the same issue on a Dell notebook, any ideas? If it does, the vodzcom update is needed. Joined Feb 16, Messages 50, I suspect all the installing and uninstalling has left some crud somewhere and i’m going to have to try and manually clean out my drivers.


vodacom k3805-z driver

This is the modem you get on the R Ockie Resident Lead Bender. USSD commands are not supported.

vodacom k3805-z driver

A workaround is to check the screen of the Blackberry, where the message “Please insert SIM” is shown. Don’t leave without your download!

In case you would like to perform an upgrade of your Built-in Mobile Broadband module firmware, please contact your computer manufacturer for further instructions. Softonic review Vodafone Broadband for Windows 10 is an innovative application for Vodafone customers using Windows