Anyway, the alfar surrendered in Treasury investigators later discovered that the money did not simple disappear when the spell was cast, it was teleported to a magical collection tin Melsenschlap had developed. So, he approached some local DJ’s and constructed his own scoring system. They got to stay seperate to the NAE if they promised to open trade relations and not interfere, though. All of these — and much, much more — can be yours The half-elf section opens with an elf talking about how, human or elf, chicks dig him.


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Cars, wealth, and a year’s supply of furniture wax!


There’s also a sidebar which mentions dragons! He got the titan Adnir to attack Sif, and Adnir lost and fled. Renaissance and Some Other Things Xcrwwl Roman Emperor Medici I decided he wanted Rome to be awesome again and funded artists to design temples fuck architects and tried to grow Rome into the cultural center of the world.

Download the pregens used in our BostonCrawl tournament!

Xcrawl | RPG | RPGGeek

Parties can continue without DQed players if they like. Asia lives in harmony with dragons blah blah blah. It’s a modern-day world with a fantasy twist, and the game is simple: For my next turn, I perform my charge attack, striking the orc with my axe! Especially Rome, though I imagine most arguments with them end with “You sided with Hitler!


The PDF edition will be available as soon as the book is printed potentially as soon as weeks after Gen Con. It’s a world unlike any other. Even the King of Shan, which I guess is still around, began worshipping the demon Fosblyte, who had been whispering in his ear since he was a kid. You know, I did some training, started working on my book, that kind of thing. See, Japan had dragon allies, but the half-dragon Emperor Tojo grandson of Chang Fe Hung “disrespectfully demanded” they fight for the Axis.

Fight deceased movie action hero, Dean VanDeisel!

Maximum Xcrawl: Powered by Pathfinder

I guess nobody knows how to cast remove curse or raise dead. All pledges of the printed core book will ship with a pack of Xcrawl character folios!

His block is too high, and you are able to lunge under and run him through the chest. Space programs, nuclear power, cell phones, digital photography, satellites, computers that don’t suck, planes that can break the speed of sound, organ transplants, prosthetic limbs, radiation treatments.

On the upside, DJs who give out cursed items or shitty prizes are frowned on and grand prizes can be things like SUVs, vacation cruises, custom magic prizes etc.

I could give a shit. Metamorphosis Alpha Roleplaying Game. The official Xcrawl facebook page is live! The PCs could even be descendants of their original PCs, and find the same magic items their old PCs did, and fight descendants of their old enemies, and nostalgia, guys!


What you hold in your hands is a gateway. They are kind of generic.

International postage requires hand-written customs forms, and waiting in line at a post office. That means a group of people with a xcradl name” they identify with.


Such players might find themeslves the targets of such DJ grudge monster favourites as the invisible undead tyrannosaurus or the ever-popular ogre magi ninja. Share this project Done. This contradicts the earlier fluff that says they’re masked xxcrawl whatever.

Some have nom-com badges an escape device that comes up later and we’re not told where to find itbut if they take that option the PCs have to wait until they meet up again on the next level to get their stuff back.

In this picture, a blank-faced German golem recreates the Hitler-goblin alliance with giant ventriloquist’s dummies. When he beats them, the tribes unite into the Kingdom of Shan and appoint Alzad as their king, and supposedly Castle Alashan sprang from the earth the next day for some reason. They expanded a lot and started to encroach on other races’ lands, until in Wales they discovered Laressa, an old elf city and their homeland.