Please follow the instructions on the screen after the script has started. Alternate Installation Modes 1. Print page Table of contents. It will be started when the GTK mode is not available. Amanda is available in various forms: The Installer follows the steps given below.

zmanda management console

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This is a self-contained installation mode that has no external dependencies. If, for some reason, users decline to upgrade at that moment, the Installer gracefully quits without disturbing the existing setup.

Backups will fail if there is a time skew.

Zmanda Products – Supported Platforms – Software Compatibility Matrix

Installer package includes Amanda enterprise edition xmanda. The very same data could be available on-line for quick restores from a disk and off-site for disaster recovery and long-term retention. Key Reasons for Wide Adoption of Amanda Amanda managemenh the life of a System Administrator who can easily set up a single server to back up multiple networked clients to a tape- or disk-based storage system. Upgrade from Amanda enterprise 2. Table of contents 1.


The readme file includes the default Zmanda Management Console username and password.

Download – Zmanda Documentation Wiki

You should enable Check Server Installation when you are logging in the first time or if you logging in after hardware or OS upgrade. Please wait till they complete. How to Use These Images 3.

Configuring Backups to Cloud 6.

When the virtual machine has booted up, you will be connected to the Zmanda Management Console to manage the backup set configuration. PKCS12 now part of OpenSSL, provides a zmada to distribute self-signed private key certificates in a number formats recognized by different browsers. These generic certificates will also generate security warnings on some browser versions. The Installer will install Amanda version 2. Log in to the host as the superuser.

Please note that email service should be configured on the Amanda backup server to receive the lost password email. These generic certificates will also generate security warnings on some browser versions.

zmanda management console

Page last modified There are several searchable mailing lists archives available. It can also be explicitly requested with the –mode xwindow command line switch. A unique scheduler optimizes backup level for different clients in such a way that total backup time is about the same managsment every backup run. Copy the Rapid Installer binary file to the host where the given component will be installed. Please use Forums for discussions about Amanda and backup and zanda in general.


Print page Table of contents.

Supported Platforms

It includes both Amanda server and client packages. This is a native installation mode based on the GTK 2.

zmanda management console

Retrieved from ” http: Amanda frees the System Administrators from having to guess the rate of data cosnole in their environments.

Retrieved from ” http: Table of contents 1.

It will be started when the GTK mode is not available. Configuring Tape Drives and Changer. Page last modified

zmanda management console