Get presents for playing on server. Can make illusions to confuse humans. Bazooka and Jetpack Info: Laser Destroy Preventer Info: Play poker on you’re server. Can spit on humans and has dead acid. Cannot be burned and with flame bullets.

zp extra item at4cs

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zp extra item at4cs

Human gets Holy Gun. Thanks jonnzus [ZP] Extra Item: Gives user new type of bullets. User gets Golden Deagle.

zp extra item at4cs

Hold E If you are stuck. Add new Rank system. Player can create traps.

Zombie Plugins: [ZP] Extra Item : at4cs

Thanks gogicaa [ZP] Addon: User gets Golden AK Human gets Golden weapon AWP. Advance Respawn On Connect Info: Human gets plasma launcher. Can make illusions to confuse humans.

Extra Items For ZP 5.

[ZP 5.0] Lista e pluginsave 4.3 qe bejn ne 5.0

No Knockback Engine Info: Human classes from L4D. Simple AP Limit Info: Gives Human Unlimited clip. Military Rank System Info: Second Countdown for round start. Human see zombies as humans [ZP] Extra Item: Humans can kill zombies with a bomb [ZP5.


Kill Bomb For Humans Info: Admin can give ammo packs.

ITEM EXTRA Magnum Drill » | Крупнейший игровой портал

Can see through walls. Removes all grenades thrown at zombie.

zp extra item at4cs

Can spit on humans and has dead acid. Human gets bazooka and JP. Player can do critical hit.

[ZP] Extra Item: AT4CS

Human will be able to freeze Zombies. Make hallucinations to players.

No Recoil For Human Info: Player can shoot properly. Change your zombies blood color. Thanks jonnzus [ZP] Addon: Zombie Classes For ZP 5. Players cant destroy lasers.