Accomplish more in less time. Also, the current Event is always available as a free guide. We listed all our data processing mechanisms’ there such as cookies use and your methods to have full control over your data both as a visitor and as a member all the time. Our guides are very configurable you can now save your preferred guide settings and keep those same settings in sync across all of your characters. Home Guides World of Warcraft Retail. Practically Pays for Itself With the introduction of the WoW Token players can now pay for their subscription using in-game currency.

zygor leveling addon

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Zygot Tools Show Printable Version. View Official Blizzard Blue Post. Log in with social media. Whenever you complete a quest that gives you the choice of picking a reward our guide will highlight the best reward for your class, or if none are available, the item that can be resold for the most gold. If you lost access to this address, please contact our support team to verify your identity. An email containing further instruction has been sent to your email address.

The fastest way to farm and level up in WoW: We used addoon guides to level extremely fast over a decade ago, and we leveliny them to be even better now.

Easily keep track of all the important alerts and reminders that our guides will notify you about using the Notifications Center.


Leveling Addon of Choice ?

A better way to play. Dominate dungeons as tank, dps, or healer, and deck out your characters levdling the most powerful gear. TomTom TomTom is a navigational addon that shows you an arrow to various locations that you can specify.

All of our products follow Blizzard’s Terms and Service and are guarenteed not to get you banned. As an added perk of being a Zygor Elite member you’ll be able to earn rewards, unlock discounts, and even be entered to win prizes in our contests and giveaways.

zygor leveling addon

The guides are great, I would give a solid A- as with every expansion there will be querks to iron out. If you don’t remember either, please contact our support team. Enter the game world and continue with the instructions in the next section.

Want to use our guides on characters you’ve already leveled up? The built-in Waypoint Arrow will tell you exactly where to go for every step in our guides. Earn bragging rights and gain access to the rarest items and gear from the games faction vendors. Zygor for leveling, Dugi for the extras. Do things more efficiently.

zygor leveling addon

I was surprised at how nice the addon interface is and how many options there are to control it. By hext in forum World of Warcraft General. What have you tried? The current Event is also available as a aedon guide.

Best WoW Classic Leveling Guides & Addons

As we all know, helpful people have posted comments on WoWHead for almost any quest in the game. Zygor Elite Membership Benefits Instant access to all our guides.


Earn a silver “Zygor Elite” emblem on the forum.

We fully expect this to be one of the top WoW Classic leveling guides, whether you want to play Horde or Alliance or both, and a great investment. I was like, “F-it, why not” and subscribed to Elite.

This adon great feature for multi-tasking different guides, especially in recent expansions where you use Class Hall and War Campaigns together with Leveling.

This feature also allows you to see each others progress and keeps everyone in sync with each other while you play.

Zygor Membership

Specifically, these guides will give you a waypoint arrow that shows you where to go and exactly what to do all the time, whether you should accept a quest, kill some mobs, use an item, turn in a quest, qddon anything else, right inside the game. Home Guides World of Warcraft Retail. Our full time team of guide writers and programmers always keep our guides and addons up to date whenever new content is added through patches or expansions.

Our 3D waypoint arrow is the ultimate companion to our Guide Viewer.